Google to replace perspectives filter with forums filter

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google SEO, SEO

Google is making a change to its perspectives filter, renaming it to forums. The change was made to provide searchers with a more intuitive name when seeking out specific content. The filter allows users to narrow down search results to include content from hundreds of forums across the web.

The perspectives filter was initially launched on mobile search last June, allowing searchers to filter results to show videos, blogs, and forums. Google aims to provide searchers with a more lived experience to their queries by showcasing answers from individuals sharing their personal perspectives. The user interface is designed to be friendly and consumable for younger searchers.

Recent tests have shown Google displaying “Forums” as a filter option in search results. The change from perspectives to forums was based on Google’s data, which found that users found it more intuitive to filter by forums. However, content such as short videos and user-generated content, previously included in the perspectives filter, will still be accessible through carousels, clusters, and traditional web page listings.

The name change from perspectives to forums aims to provide clarity to searchers when filtering for specific content. This change will help users who want to see results from forums without confusion.

For users who run forums or actively participate in platforms like Reddit, this feature will make it easier to find relevant content within these websites. Google continues to invest in improving the search experience and making it easier for searchers to find content that reflects various perspectives and first-hand experiences.

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