How each Google Ads bid strategy influences campaign success

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads, PPC

The article provides insights into bid strategies in Google Ads, a topic that can be challenging for even experienced PPC advertisers. With over half a dozen bid strategy options available, each serving different objectives and use cases, it’s easy to lose track of which bid strategy to use when. The article aims to be a comprehensive resource for understanding which bid strategies to use, when and how to use them, and why they are important.

The article covers several bid strategies and provides detailed information and best practices for each. It starts with Manual CPC bidding, which is useful for brand campaigns and low-volume keywords in lead generation campaigns. It also discusses the use of Phrase and Exact Match when using manual bidding and the importance of analyzing performance by device or time of day.

The next bid strategy covered is Maximize Clicks, which is recommended for campaigns focused on collecting conversion data and speeding up the learning process. The article advises using this strategy sparingly and highlights the importance of being cautious about the quality of clicks.

Target Impression Share is another bid strategy addressed in the article, with its primary use case being branded search. The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining visibility for branded search and provides insights into how different bidding strategies can influence the level of intent.

Smart Bidding is discussed in detail, with the author expressing a preference for moving most campaigns toward some form of Smart Bidding eventually. The article explains the difference between Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value and provides practical advice on finding the sweet spot for a ROAS or CPA target.

The article also delves into value-based bidding and the use of Conversion Value Rules for Smart Bidding. It emphasizes the importance of matching bid strategy to a campaign’s goals and acknowledges that while many marketers still prefer the old-school method of controlling everything themselves, automation and AI technologies, when used with the right support and setup, can lead to better performance.

In conclusion, the article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to bid strategies in Google Ads, offering practical advice and insights into each bid strategy’s use cases and best practices. The author advocates for the alignment of bid strategies with campaign goals and emphasizes the potential benefits of automation and AI technologies when used effectively.

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