Instacart rolls out off-platform Google Shopping ads for partners

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Paid social, PPC

Instacart, a leading online grocery delivery platform, is now providing its consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertising partners access to Google Shopping ads. This collaboration leverages Instacart’s first-party data to enable advertisers to connect with high-intent consumers searching on Google and deliver their products in as little as an hour, enhancing the user experience.

The significant benefit for advertisers is the opportunity to broaden their reach and tap into a pool of high-value customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions. The added allure of same-day delivery not only boosts convenience but also serves as a compelling factor, encouraging consumers to make immediate purchases, thereby elevating the brand’s potential for immediate conversions.

Instacart-powered Google Shopping ads allow consumers to view ads for participating brands’ products as they search. They can seamlessly continue their shopping journey on Instacart and enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery for their chosen products.

The collaboration includes CPG partners such as Danone’s Oikos, Kraft, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, and Publicis Media’s CPG clients.

Google Shopping ads show users a photo of the product, product title, price, shop name, and more. Unlike text ads, these ads provide users with a clear image of the product, offering a better understanding before clicking, resulting in more qualified leads for advertisers.

Laura Jones, Chief Marketing Officer of Instacart, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that they are now able to layer their valuable retail media data over Google Shopping ads’ capabilities to enhance audience signals for their CPG partners’ campaigns off of Instacart. This enables their brand partners to reach the right audience while they search on Google and seamlessly drive them to purchase on Instacart. She highlighted the early pilot results, from return on ad spend to ‘new-to-brand’ sales, that they are delivering for their partners.

In summary, the partnership between Instacart and Google Shopping ads represents a significant shift in the advertising landscape, giving CPG advertisers access to new avenues for reaching high-intent consumers and driving immediate conversions. This collaboration promises to enhance the overall user experience, convenience, and potential for brand engagement and sales.

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