Is Your Company Blog Eligible For Google News?

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

In the recent Google Office Hours for December 2023, John Mueller from Google addressed the question of whether company blogs are eligible to appear in Google News. While Google News is typically associated with traditional news websites, there is potential for company blogs to also be featured in the Google News feed, which can offer a valuable source of readers and advertising revenue.

Mueller noted that Google’s content policies for Google News do not have specific guidelines pertaining to company blogs. However, individuals interested in having their company blog included in Google News should review the content policies, as there are recommendations and requirements that could impact eligibility. Some of these requirements include providing clear dates and bylines, author and publisher information, and contact details.

In terms of actively getting a company blog into Google News, Google’s publisher center offers the ability to submit a URL for consideration. While Google can automatically discover news content, actively pursuing inclusion through the publisher center may enhance the chances of a company blog being featured.

Furthermore, there is evidence that Google does indeed include news content from company blogs in Google News. Numerous examples were provided, including a security company’s content and a webpage from Adobe, both of which are showcased in Google News.

Ultimately, while dedicated news sites dominate Google News, there is evidence that company websites that publish news can also be featured in the platform. Mueller suggested that individuals interested in pursuing inclusion of their company blog in Google News should consider reaching out to the News publisher help community or utilize the performance reports in Search Console to determine if their pages are already being shown in Google News.

In conclusion, while it is possible for company blogs to appear in Google News, it’s important for individuals to familiarize themselves with Google’s content policies, be proactive in submitting their content for consideration, and potentially seek assistance from the News publisher help community. With the potential for a significant readership and advertising revenue, inclusion in Google News could prove to be a valuable opportunity for company blogs.

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