Meta will sunset CrowdTangle in August

by | Mar 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Display, Meta, PPC

Meta has announced that CrowdTangle will be discontinued on August 14, 2024, as the company shifts its focus towards developing new research tools. Until the discontinuation date, users can still access CrowdTangle and its Chrome Extension, with data updating in real-time. However, no new users can be added during this maintenance mode period.

For marketers and publishers who rely on CrowdTangle for trend analysis, post monitoring, and analytics, it will be essential to seek alternative tools as the platform is being phased out. Starting from August 14, 2024, access to CrowdTangle’s User Interface, API, Chrome Extension, and Historical Data feature will be discontinued. The API rate limits will remain the same until the tool is deprecated.

In light of CrowdTangle’s discontinuation, advertisers can still utilize insights within Meta Business Suite (MBS) or collaborate with third-party providers offering social listening capabilities built on top of Meta’s APIs. The decision to discontinue CrowdTangle stems from accusations in 2021 of providing misleading data about Meta’s apps’ role in spreading divisive political content. The platform faced scrutiny for allegedly boosting right-wing content through its algorithms, prompting Meta to disband the CrowdTangle team in July 2021.

Despite rumors circulating about the platform’s future, Meta has now confirmed the sunsetting of CrowdTangle. Meta stated that the decision to phase out CrowdTangle will allow the company to focus resources on its new research tools, such as Meta Content Library and Content Library API, which provide high-quality data to researchers while meeting privacy and security standards.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of Meta’s announcement and the reasons behind discontinuing CrowdTangle, referring to Meta’s full statement is recommended. As CrowdTangle comes to an end, users are advised to explore alternative tools for social media analytics and monitoring to meet their needs post-discontinuation.

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