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by | Dec 4, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Search Console, Google SEO, Search features, SEO

Google has announced new rich result and structured data support for its Google Search results with the addition of vacation rental rich results. This means websites that feature vacation rentals can now add this markup to their listings to enhance their visibility on Google Search.

The vacation rental rich results allow website owners to add markup to their pages, providing Google with the necessary data to determine if the vacation listings should appear in search results. This can include location, pricing, images, reviews, ratings, and more. Google has provided an illustration of the rich results in Google Search to give an example of what this looks like.

In addition to the rich results, Google has also posted technical structured data documentation explaining how to implement this markup on listing pages. By adding structured data to vacation rental listing pages, website owners can provide users with more information directly in search results, including the name, description, images, location, rating, and reviews.

Google has outlined the supported fields for the structured data, which include place fields, images, latitude and longitude, name, address, ratings, brand, check-in and out times, amenities, and many other fields. Website owners can now implement structured data markup to be eligible for the rich result.

There are also new Google Search Console and Rich Results reports available for monitoring and fixing the validity of vacation rental structured data. The Rich Results testing tool has also been updated to support this new markup.

For those who offer vacation rentals, leveraging this structured data is recommended, as it can improve click-through rates from Google Search to listings. However, website owners can monitor the results and make adjustments as needed to improve conversion rates.

Overall, Google’s addition of vacation rental rich results adds to the growing list of rich results available, providing website owners with the opportunity to improve their visibility and performance in Google Search. There have been recent additions of other rich results, such as Organization markup and discussion forum and public profile markup, showcasing Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance search results for users.

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