OpenAI working on web search product

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, SEO

OpenAI, a company known for its popular product ChatGPT, has been reportedly developing a web search product, with Microsoft Bing as one of its sources. The introduction of a search product from OpenAI is significant because some evidence suggests that individuals use ChatGPT as a search engine. If OpenAI’s search product gains traction, it has the potential to generate organic traffic and provide value to brands and businesses.

The possibility of OpenAI challenging Google Search is an intriguing prospect. However, there is skepticism regarding whether OpenAI could develop a search engine that could rival Google. Despite extensive AI search investments and features implemented by Microsoft over the past year, the company has struggled to make significant progress against Google, a behemoth in the search industry.

Google’s dominance in the search industry is reflected in its position as an ingrained habit for users, as highlighted by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during the ongoing Google antitrust trial. Additionally, numerous search engines have been hyped as potential “Google killers” in the past, only to fail in surpassing Google’s dominance. The reality remains that Google Search always prevails.

Furthermore, in terms of performance, Google continues to outshine potential competitors. While ChatGPT garnered an estimated 1.6 billion visits in December, Google received an estimated 84.2 billion visits during the same period. Reports indicate that OpenAI’s web search product is positioned as a challenge to Google, a move that will undoubtedly be closely monitored within the industry.

In summary, OpenAI’s foray into web search is notable, considering the company’s success with ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the possibility of OpenAI presenting a viable challenge to Google Search is met with skepticism, given Google’s established dominance and the historical failures of other would-be competitors. The introduction of OpenAI’s web search product is one to be followed closely, as it could potentially disrupt the search landscape by providing new alternatives to the established industry leader.

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