Reddit launches new ad format that closely resembles user posts

by | Mar 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Paid social, PPC, Reddit

Reddit has introduced a new ad format called “free-form ads,” which mirror the appearance and style of user-shared posts on the platform. These ads allow advertisers to engage with users in a similar way to regular posts, aiming to boost engagement levels. While this format offers brands the opportunity to share a variety of information with readers in an interactive way, there is a concern that ads resembling user-generated content may alienate users looking for authentic posts.

Inspired by the popular Megathread post type, free-form ads enable advertisers to combine various media types using pre-designed templates. This format is designed to rapidly convey information to readers and may prove beneficial for brands looking to launch products or introduce themselves to a new audience. Users can easily distinguish free-form ads from organic posts by the presence of a “Promoted” label next to the company’s name.

These free-form ads are now available to all advertisers on Reddit globally through the Reddit Ads Manager. According to Jim Squires, EVP of Business Marketing and Growth at Reddit, this format gives advertisers the flexibility to create ads of any length, incorporating multiple media types while maintaining a native look and feel on the platform. Squires believes that this format encourages a mix of content, context, and creativity from brands, driving strong performance and brand awareness.

As Reddit continues to enhance its advertising product offerings, the platform is focused on leveraging what users love most about Reddit and creating opportunities for businesses to engage with the community. Overall, free-form ads have the potential to be a valuable tool for advertisers seeking to connect with users in a more engaging and interactive way on Reddit.

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