Want to set your 2024 SEO priorities? Run these GA4 reports

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing, google analytics, SEO

In the year 2023, the introduction of GA4 brought about significant changes in the landscape of SEO. However, as we enter 2024, GA4 continues to be a topic of discussion among Search Engine Land readers and SEO experts. This is primarily due to the fact that GA4 was not fully prepared for implementation when Google mandated the switch, resulting in ongoing challenges and difficulties for users even several months after the transition.

Despite these challenges, the article highlights some valuable GA4 reports that are being utilized to help clients shape their strategies for organic growth in 2024. These reports include landing page performance, content gap analysis, and funnel exploration. Each report is accompanied by a detailed overview of its mechanics, what insights it provides, and how those insights can be integrated into strategic planning.

The landing page performance report allows marketers to review landing page performance segmented by channel. It provides insights into the optimization of landing pages and the analysis of conversion rates across different traffic sources. The article explains the process for setting up this report and the opportunities it presents for optimizing high and low-volume landing pages.

The content gap analysis report, on the other hand, helps marketers identify the need for content creation in different segments, such as stages of the buying journey, products/services, or audience personas. The report highlights the importance of aligning the findings with overall business goals and using the data to optimize existing content and create new content that fills the identified gaps.

Finally, the funnel exploration report allows users to analyze user behavior once they land on a specific page. It enables marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of conversion strategies and user journeys, ultimately leading to actionable insights for enhancing conversion rates and user experience.

The article acknowledges the challenges associated with the transition to GA4 but emphasizes the necessity for marketers to adapt to the platform and make the most of its capabilities. The author recognizes that with Google’s potential expansion of the platform’s insights, becoming proficient in utilizing GA4 is a worthwhile investment for marketing teams.

In conclusion, the article encourages readers to embrace the capabilities of GA4 and make the most of the valuable reports it offers, despite the initial challenges and ongoing iterations. By leveraging the insights provided by these reports, marketers can set a strong course for their SEO strategies in 2024 and maximize the potential of the GA4 platform.

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