Why brand mentions are the future of backlinks

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Link Building, SEO

The article delves into the importance of building brand mentions over traditional backlink building in the world of SEO. It emphasizes that brand mentions are the new backlinks and should be a priority for every SEO professional. The concept of brand mentions was introduced almost a decade ago by Google in a patent known as the “Panda patent,” which differentiated between express links and implied links. The article highlights the importance of focusing on brand mentions and marketing as a tool for SEO, rather than relying solely on backlinks.

The rise of AI-powered search engines and large language models has made text data and entities, such as brands, more important in the modern SEO landscape. It emphasizes the importance of brands in reaching more people and building credibility and trust through digital PR strategies. The article argues that traditional PR and content marketing tactics, combined with SEO strategies, are essential for driving organic search visibility and brand credibility.

The author stresses the significance of building brand mentions through digital PR, as they serve as the fuel for organic search growth. While links remain important, brand mentions are highlighted as the primary driver of organic search visibility and brand credibility. The article also discusses the role of publicity in telling people and Google that a brand exists, thus positioning it as an expert in its field.

In conclusion, the article advocates for a shift from traditional link building to a focus on building brand mentions through digital PR, content marketing, and SEO strategies. It emphasizes the power of brand mentions in driving organic search visibility, building credibility, and trust, and influencing consumer decisions. The author encourages SEO professionals to prioritize brand mentions and marketing efforts as essential components of a successful SEO strategy in the modern search landscape.

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