4 advanced GPT-4 capabilities to level up your PPC efforts

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Microsoft, PPC

The article discusses the language capabilities of generative AI, specifically GPT-4, in managing various PPC tasks like keywords, ad text, and audience development. The potential uses of GPT-4 are highlighted, but there are also challenges such as prioritizing domain expertise, integrating with business data, and established workflows.

To address these challenges, the article outlines four aspects for PPC marketers to focus on: prompt engineering, plugins, custom GPTs, and actions. Each technique is explained in detail to help users become proficient in using GPT-4.

The article then discusses where GPT-4 falls short, including the lack of access to historical data, inability to understand personal preferences, and inability to take direct actions within ad accounts. It also delves into the potential pitfalls of using GPT-4 without manually engineering prompts.

The significance of prompt engineering is emphasized, along with the need to add business data to prompts, explain goals, avoid bad math, and use custom instructions. Additionally, the article discusses how plugins can be utilized to connect with APIs, enhance the LLM with additional knowledge, and retrieve real-time information.

The concept of creating custom GPTs is introduced as a more powerful capability that allows users to instill GPTs with their own preferences and specific instructions. The benefits of custom GPTs over custom instructions are highlighted, including the ability to have different preferences for different scenarios.

Finally, the new OpenAI capability called Actions is explored. Actions allow custom GPTs to extend capabilities beyond core models by enabling access to any API. The potential uses of Actions, such as obtaining new information or taking specific actions within systems, are detailed.

Overall, the article encourages PPC marketers to leverage the capabilities of GPT-4 to take their marketing strategies to the next level. By utilizing prompt engineering, plugins, custom GPTs, and Actions, marketers can overcome the challenges associated with using generative AI and enhance their PPC activities.

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