Amazon lands ad data deal ahead of third-party cookie deprecation

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Amazon, Digital Marketing, Paid social, PPC

The article discusses a new deal between Amazon and Reach, the UK’s largest publisher, that allows Amazon to access customer data for targeted advertising. This agreement is a response to Google’s upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies, and it is one of the first of its kind in Europe. The deal will see Reach sharing contextual first-party data with Amazon, such as information about the articles people are viewing. Amazon will then use this data to enhance targeted advertising on the UK publisher’s sites, providing advertisers with more relevant and effective advertising opportunities. The financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

In addition to providing targeted advertising opportunities, the collaboration between Amazon and Reach also addresses brand safety concerns. Reach plans to leverage Mantis, a brand safety and contextual advertising tool for publishers, to ensure that ads are shown next to content users are interested in. This collaboration helps Amazon better target specific audiences with relevant advertising across Reach’s publications, such as the Mirror, Daily Star, and OK! magazine.

The article also provides an explanation of third-party cookies and their role in personalized advertising. It highlights Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookies, with the intention of completely deprecating them by the second half of 2024.

Frazer Locke, Amazon Ads director of EU adtech sales, shared the company’s perspective on the deal, emphasizing the importance of first-party contextual signals in helping to develop actionable insights for advertisers. This approach is seen as critical as the industry shifts towards an environment where cookies are not available.

Overall, the article stresses the significance of this deal in the context of evolving digital advertising landscapes, particularly in response to impending changes in data tracking and targeting technologies. It suggests that this agreement between Amazon and Reach may serve as a model for alternative approaches to reaching high-value consumers online, as advertisers seek solutions beyond third-party cookies for targeted ads. Moreover, the collaboration is indicative of a strategic response to the changing regulatory and technological landscape, positioning Amazon and Reach to adapt to a future without third-party cookies.

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