Bing Deep Search is rolling out to more users

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Bing, Bing SEO, Digital Marketing, Microsoft, SEO

Microsoft’s Deep Search, an optional generative AI feature intended to assist users in searching for intricate questions lacking simple answers, appears to have been introduced to a larger group of users today. Users have reported seeing the “Deep Search” icon at the top right of the Bing search box after conducting a search. This new feature displays related searches to refine the initial query and generates a set of search results. While it has the potential to enhance users’ search experiences, it may not be fully live yet as indicated by a Microsoft representative.

Deep Search is developed on top of Bing’s web index and ranking system, utilizing GPT-4 to discern various query intents and variations and create ideal search results. Bing’s expanded descriptions, relevance, and quality of the page, credibility of the source, freshness, and popularity are key factors in the ranking of Deep Search results. Despite the promising potential, Deep Search is described as slow, taking up to 30 seconds to produce results – which may discourage users from utilizing this feature.

The introduction of Deep Search adds to the growing trend of using AI for search results, and the results are expected to drive more clicks compared to other similar features offered by different search engines. However, the slow generation of search results may deter users from leveraging this feature. The article provides an illustrative example of how Deep Search works, showcasing the potential benefit and challenges it may pose for users. As with any new feature, its utilization and popularity will dictate the practical value it offers to users.

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