Google Merchant Center Next will soon support supplemental feeds

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Paid social, PPC

The article announces that Google Merchant Center Next (GMC Next) will soon support rules and supplemental feeds, early next year. This comes as an update to the existing Google Merchant Center, which already supports these features. GMC Next, a simplified version of the Merchant Center, was introduced in May.

Notably, advertisers who have not transitioned to GMC Next but require access to rules and feeds should refrain from upgrading to GMC Next. Conversely, those who have already migrated to GMC Next and need access to these tools can revert to the classic mode. Google will not encourage merchants using rules and feeds to migrate to GMC Next until these features become available on the platform.

The article emphasizes the significance of this update to advertisers who were surprised to find that rules and feeds were not supported in GMC Next. Reverting to the classic mode is not ideal, but it provides a way to restore functionality crucial for optimizing Google Shopping ad performance.

The article also provides a step-by-step guide on how to switch back to the classic mode to access rules and supplemental feeds. However, it warns that switching back to the classic mode may result in the loss of previously added business details and in-store product details. Additionally, it is important to note that once a user switches back to the classic Merchant Center, they will not have the option to return to GMC Next until the classic experience is retired next year.

The article also offers the option to read a full announcement by Google Ads Liaison officer Ginny Marvin for a deeper understanding of the update.

In conclusion, the article informs advertisers about the soon-to-be-implemented support for rules and supplemental feeds in GMC Next. It advises on the steps to switch back to the classic mode for access to these features, while also cautioning about potential data loss. This update is of significance to advertisers who rely on these tools for optimizing their Google Shopping ad performance.

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