Instagram pilots background editing tool and in-stream ordering

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Instagram, Meta, Paid social, PPC

Instagram has introduced two new features for brands and content creators. These features are Backdrop, an AI background editing tool for Stories, and Get Orders, a feature that allows in-stream ordering for feed posts and Stories.

Backdrop is an innovative new tool that uses AI to automatically identify the main focus in an image, or allows the user to choose one manually. It then removes the background and enables users to select a new background from a carousel of options or create a custom one by inputting a prompt. Once the custom background is created, it becomes a sticker that other users can use when the Story is shared. The Backdrop feature is located within the sticker menu in between “Add Yours” and “Add Yours Templates”.

Get Orders, on the other hand, is a sticker that content creators and brands can use to create a product, link it to their story, and receive orders directly. This new feature was first spotted by Co-Founder of Satiné, Ahmed Ghanem, and it presents a potential way for creators and businesses to drive orders through Instagram, without the need to set up an Instagram Shop.

The Backdrop feature offers marketers the opportunity to experiment with different backgrounds until they find the perfect one for their ads. Meanwhile, the Get Orders feature provides a simple and free method for increasing sales through Instagram content.

These new features open up avenues for creative expression and revenue generation for brands and content creators on Instagram. With Backdrop and Get Orders, users can enhance the visual appeal of their content and monetize their posts more effectively. For more information on how to maximize the potential of these new features, readers can refer to a comprehensive guide on building effective Instagram ad creatives.

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