LinkedIn launches Website Actions to simplify action tracking

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing, LinkedIn, Paid social, PPC

LinkedIn has introduced a new tool called Website Actions, which simplifies action tracking for B2B marketers. The new data layer eliminates the need for complex coding knowledge and additional tracking codes on websites, enabling marketers to set new conversions, build retargeting audiences, and measure campaign impact with ease. With these new capabilities, marketers can streamline the creation of ad audiences, optimize campaigns, and increase conversions.

The LinkedIn Insight Tag, a snippet of JavaScript code, is the foundation of Website Actions. This tag allows marketers to track LinkedIn ad-driven visitor activity on their websites by using LinkedIn cookies to match website visitors to their LinkedIn member accounts.

To start using Website Actions, users are advised to log onto Campaign Manager and navigate to the new “Website Actions” section under the “Analyze” category. From there, they can select specific button clicks and webpages on their site and turn them into an audience or conversion with just one click.

According to Johanna Kimura, Product Marketing Leader at LinkedIn, Website Actions will eliminate the need for engineering teams to implement intricate tracking codes, thereby alleviating any strain on the engineering team and preventing potential hindrances to website performance. Instead, marketers will have greater control over retargeting and measurement efforts, resulting in a seamless and user-friendly experience to uncover what’s working and improve overall results.

For more comprehensive information on Website Actions, marketers are encouraged to read LinkedIn’s official announcement in full.

The article was written by Nicola Agius, the Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land, who joined the team in 2023. With over 15 years of experience in journalism and previous roles at companies such as Jungle Creations, OK! Magazine, and Mail Online, Nicola brings a wealth of expertise in the field of paid media and retail media.

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