Meta ad error causes campaigns to overspend by thousands

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Display, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, PPC

Meta recently issued an apology to advertisers due to an Ads Delivery outage, which caused a number of ad campaigns to overspend by “thousands.” The technology company has since restored services and expressed regret for any inconvenience caused to advertisers. Furthermore, the affected parties are now awaiting refunds, which are expected to take between four and eight weeks to process.

Advertisers affected by the Ads Delivery outage are encouraged to apply for a refund, although it is important to note that payment is not guaranteed. To increase the likelihood of receiving a full refund, specific steps can be taken. Barry Hott, a Growth and Performance Marketing Consultant, advised advertisers to report the issue to their Meta representatives and/or support, indicating that this could improve the chances of a refund for affected parties.

Hott provided a step-by-step guide for how to file a complaint, which involves reporting the issue to Meta support and sending a specific message detailing the overspending of ad campaigns due to a confirmed widespread Meta ad delivery outage. Additionally, advertisers were advised to select “claim refund for ad spend” within the support menu, choose their ad account, and indicate “other ad account issue.” Screenshots showing performance issues and account IDs were also encouraged to be uploaded.

Several advertisers who were impacted by the outage claimed significant losses as a result. One marketer reported an $80 credit from a $6,000 loss, while another stated blowing through thousands in minutes.

Meta has not provided a public response to the issue. This information was not immediately available as Meta did not respond to Search Engine Land’s request for comment.

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