Meta unveils updated tools for enhanced brand safety controls

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Meta, Paid social, PPC

In a recent announcement, Meta unveiled new and updated tools to help brands monitor and protect their reputation on Facebook and Instagram. These tools include Brand Rights Protection, Rights Manager, and the Intellectual Property Reporting Center.

Brand Rights Protection has been updated to simplify the process of reporting infringement and business impersonation. It now offers improved matching, cross-surface searching, saved search functionality, and an expanded reference library, allowing brands to monitor up to 200 images. This tool aims to help brands identify and address the misuse of their intellectual property more efficiently.

The Intellectual Property Reporting Center is a new addition, designed to save time for users who regularly use Meta’s IP Reporting Forms. It stores account information and reporting history, making it easier for multiple users within the same Business Manager account to access and share information.

Updates to Rights Manager include automatic blocking of matching images, image attribution with ownership details, and the ability to perform bulk actions on multiple image reference files. These features are designed to help brands manage and protect their copyrighted content at scale.

In addition to these tools, Meta for Business has also launched a new guide to assist businesses in creating a brand protection strategy. The guide is structured into three segments – Protect, Monitor, and Resolve – offering recommended practices and product solutions for brand management.

Safeguarding reputation is crucial for brands, as associations with inappropriate or controversial content can negatively impact their image and alienate customers. The new tools introduced by Meta aim to make it easier for brands to protect their reputations and combat brand impersonation, scams, and intellectual property infringement across its platforms.

For more information on Brand Rights Protection and Rights Manager, businesses can visit the Meta Help Center to access in-depth resources and support.

Overall, the introduction of these new tools and features is a welcome addition for brands, as it provides them with improved capabilities to safeguard their reputation and intellectual property across Facebook and Instagram.

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