Microsoft Bing adds new Deep Search generative AI feature

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Bing, Digital Marketing, Microsoft, SEO

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Deep Search, designed to assist users in finding comprehensive answers to complex questions that don’t have straightforward solutions. Powered by GPT-4, Deep Search is an optional generative AI feature built on top of Bing’s web index and ranking system. It utilizes a combination of querying techniques to surface results that wouldn’t typically appear in regular search results.

Deep Search is capable of identifying various relevant search terms related to a query, even if they don’t explicitly include the original keywords. This enables it to find results that cover different aspects of the query, offering more informative and specific results than those that rank higher in normal search. Deep Search will not load as quickly as regular search results, with a completion time of up to 30 seconds, which may deter some users due to the delay.

While the feature is in testing, it is only available to randomly selected small groups of Bing’s global users. Microsoft stated that Deep Search is not meant to replace Bing’s existing web search, but to enhance the search experience by providing a deeper and richer exploration of the web. The company has also mentioned that Deep Search will compete with organic listings and potentially steal clicks, but it is aimed at helping users complete their tasks more quickly.

Deep Search’s results ranking is determined by various factors, including how well a page matches Bing’s expanded description, relevance to the topic, appropriate level of detail, credibility and trustworthiness of the source, freshness, and popularity of the page. Microsoft has also provided a GIF to illustrate how Deep Search works on Bing, giving users a visual understanding of the feature.

Overall, Microsoft’s Deep Search aims to cater to complex search queries and provide a more comprehensive and relevant search experience. While the feature is still in its testing phase and may not be readily available to all users, it has the potential to offer a richer exploration of the web for those who seek detailed and comprehensive information.

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