Microsoft launches new tool for enhanced ad revenue analytics

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft, Paid social, PPC

Microsoft has introduced a new analytics dashboard called Monetize Insights that aims to aid publishers in measuring their advertising revenue more efficiently. This new dashboard is now available globally on Microsoft Monetize, its supply-side platform. Monetize Insights offers tools and functionalities such as graphs, comparison charts, and filters to provide a comprehensive view of ad revenue performance, allowing publishers to examine data related to revenue drivers and inventory metrics. Additionally, it provides detailed contextual bid rejection information, including demand issues, ad quality settings, and price floors.

All publishers using Microsoft Monetize to sell owned and operated inventory can leverage Monetize Insights to analyze their ad revenue performance and make informed decisions based on the data provided. The new dashboard is expected to save publishers time by eliminating the need for complex reporting setups, providing them with multiple views and tools to better understand their performance.

The dashboard consists of various tabs, including the Total Revenue tab, offering access to key performance indicators like impressions, ad requests, fill rate, win rate, and revenue. It also includes comparison charts to reveal trends and significant changes. Another feature of Monetize Insights is the Bid Rejection tabs, which provide information about revenue-impacting blocks such as ad quality settings, enabling publishers to understand how inventory settings influence sales. These tabs offer insights into ad quality, floors, deals, and demand issues, allowing publishers to pinpoint adjustments that can unlock revenue or validate past decisions.

In addition to providing data on bid rejections, the Bid Rejection tabs offer contextual details about each rejection, including its cause and start time. Publishers can preview up to five blocked creatives directly within the side panel, review them, and download them if necessary. The new Monetize Insights dashboard aims to equip publishers with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions about their advertising revenue and inventory metrics.

In conclusion, the launch of Microsoft Advertising’s Monetize Insights dashboard demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing publishers with the tools they need to analyze and optimize their ad revenue performance effectively. With its range of features and capabilities, Monetize Insights aims to streamline the process of revenue measurement for publishers using the Microsoft Monetize platform, ultimately helping them make data-driven decisions to maximize their advertising revenue.

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