TikTok quietly introduces hashtag restrictions in Creative Center

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Paid social, PPC, TikTok

TikTok has recently restricted the ability for marketers to search for specific hashtags through the platform’s Creative Center tools. This change may make it more difficult for marketers to explore and gauge the popularity of trends, which is crucial for effective campaign planning.

The restriction affects specific hashtags related to the Israel-Hamas war and U.S. politics, causing the links for these hashtags to no longer work within the Creative Center. In addition, TikTok has removed the search button in the Creative Center. The platform has shifted its focus towards providing data on the top 100 hashtags within diverse industries, such as pets and travel, as an alternative.

The decision to enforce these restrictions comes after concerns arose that the data from the Creative Center’s hashtag search feature was being used to uncover potential platform censorship. Researchers and lawmakers had scrutinized content related to geopolitics and the Israel-Hamas war using the tool’s results.

The Creative Center is a tool designed to help advertisers monitor trend popularity on the platform. It provides data on the number of videos associated with a specific hashtag and details about the audience that viewed those videos. The spokesperson for TikTok, Alex Haurek, explained that the decision to restrict the hashtag search feature was made to prevent the misuse of the Center’s search function and ensure that it is used for its intended purpose.

In response to these changes, it is recommended to read the guide on how the TikTok algorithm works to gain more information on how to create successful campaigns. This will help marketers navigate and adapt to the limitations imposed by TikTok. Overall, this change in the Creative Center’s functionality may require marketers to adjust their strategy and find alternative methods for trend exploration and campaign planning on the platform.

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