Video search optimization: Top tips for 2024

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Content, Digital Marketing, SEO, YouTube

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of 2024 are rapidly evolving due to the addition of new features like SGE (Search, Grid, and Entity). This makes it increasingly complex to define an SEO strategy to capture SERP real estate. Video search optimization remains underutilized, allowing videos to dominate the real estate on SERPs.

The article compares and contrasts the two main approaches for hosting videos – YouTube and self-hosting. YouTube offers the benefits of organic search on both Google and YouTube itself, making it easier to upload videos and store content. The optimization factors for YouTube videos include keyword research, video page optimization, video structure, and watch time optimization to achieve engagement early on.

Self-hosted videos provide full control over branding and cookies, but must rely on traditional SEO practices such as structured data, sitemaps, and ensuring the crawlability and eligibility of the video for search features on the SERP. This can be a challenge for veteran SEOs who are transitioning from other content forms to video SEO.

The article also provides strategies to leverage video content to its fullest, such as creating a full range of content based on videos, using videos in email campaigns to increase open rates, and monetizing the video to drive leads or revenue by gating it, adding it to a YouTube channel, and creating blog posts to direct users to landing pages or product pages.

Ultimately, the article views video optimization as a smart strategy for hedging against any negative effects from the fast-evolving SERP. By creating compelling content and optimizing it to show up when needed, businesses can afford to be less worried about the impact of the evolving SERP.

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