GA4 adds instant support options and new video tutorials

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, google analytics, Paid social, PPC

The article discusses the recent introduction of new instant support features in Google Analytics 4, which aims to help users navigate the platform more effectively. This move comes in the wake of the forced migration from Universal Analytics last summer, indicating the necessity for increased guidance and assistance.

The additional support tools in GA4 can be accessed by locating the grey question mark icon in the top-right corner of the platform. Clicking on this icon reveals a drop-down menu containing four new features: “Learn about this page,” “Start tour,” “Get more help,” and “Send feedback.” These features allow users to explore detailed guidance on using the features on the current Google Analytics page, start a guided tour, access the Google Analytics Help Center, and share feedback with the Google Analytics team when encountering an issue.

In addition to the new help features, Google has also unveiled a series of video tutorials on YouTube to provide practical guidance on using GA4 more effectively. The tutorials cover modules such as finding where users are coming from in Acquisition Reports, different ways users are interacting with a site or app using Engagement Reports, measuring ecommerce performance using monetization reports, identifying unexpected trends using Google Analytics reports, and understanding reports and UI.

The introduction of these new support features and video tutorials aims to assist users in extracting more meaningful insights from their website’s data and help them understand and navigate the GA4 platform more effectively.

The move towards providing enhanced support and guidance is expected to be particularly valuable for users who are still grappling with the platform following the migration from Universal Analytics. The combination of instant support features and detailed video tutorials is geared towards ensuring that users are equipped with the necessary resources to make the most of the capabilities of GA4.

In conclusion, the article highlights the recent efforts by Google to enhance the support and guidance available for users of Google Analytics 4. With the introduction of new instant support features and a series of video tutorials, the aim is to empower users to make better use of the platform and gain more valuable insights from their website’s data.

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