Google Ads finally resolves ‘Confusing Ad Text’ issue for most users

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

After nearly two weeks of ongoing error messages regarding “Confusing Ad Text” and other content quality label errors, Google Ads has finally resolved these issues for the majority of affected users. However, for those still facing these problems, the platform has assured that it will continue working to restore the service.

The backlog for self-service appeals related to these content quality labels has been significantly reduced to normal levels. Thus, if users wish to file an appeal, processing is expected to be quicker than it has been during the peak of the issue. Some appeals are still in progress, but asset-level labels have already been removed, and users can safely ignore these appeals as they will automatically expire after 5 days.

For those still affected by these issues, Google Ads has reassured users that the problem lies on their end, and they are expected to resolve it shortly. The platform has also provided specific steps that affected advertisers can take until the issue is completely resolved. Their suggested work-around is for advertisers to upload new assets or edit existing assets to replace those that are currently labeled with the content quality errors. For instance, an ad text asset labeled as “Confusing Text” such as “Buy this now” could be edited to “Buy this today” and the new asset should not be labeled.

Overall, Google Ads has acknowledged the impact of these issues and is actively working to resolve the problem. Despite the ongoing appeals and error messages, the platform has reassured that it is committed to restoring the service for all affected users.

For further information and a more in-depth understanding of the situation, users are encouraged to read Google’s full announcement. They should remain updated with their daily newsletter to stay informed about any further developments related to this issue.

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