Google Ads moves reports to new location in latest UI update

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google Ads has recently announced an updated User Interface (UI) for a select group of accounts. Although the affected accounts will notice a change to the layout, structure, and design, the functionality of all tools and features will remain the same.

This specific UI change is currently in beta for Manager Accounts, with the intent to enhance workflow organization and improve accessibility while retaining a consistent set of tools. One notable change is the movement of performance reports to the “Insights and reports” section within Google Ads. The redesign was first shared by Greg Kohler, a digital advertising team lead, showcasing the new design on Twitter.

Upon speaking with Search Engine Land, Kohler expressed some challenges adjusting to the new interface. He mentioned that the rearrangement of certain elements made it confusing to locate specific features initially, but he anticipates adapting to the changes over time.

The new design is part of an ongoing UI update that initially began rolling out in June. Google clarified that continuous efforts have been made to optimize and simplify platform navigation. A spokesperson for Google emphasized that user research indicates advertisers frequently use the Insights page and various report pages to understand campaign performance. By consolidating these pages in the navigation, Google aims to provide advertisers with easier access to vital performance data for ad optimization.

The updated UI hopes to improve the overall user experience by reducing hassle and increasing navigation efficiency. For more detailed information on the Navigate and Insights Reporting update, Google encourages users to read the full report.

In essence, the latest Google Ads UI update offers a redesigned layout for increased accessibility and streamlined organization without altering any of the essential features and tools. This transition marks a significant change in the user experience for a select group of accounts, with potential wider implications in the future. Advertisers are encouraged to adapt to the new UI as Google continues to enhance the platform for improved usability and performance optimization.

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