Google Ads now limits country-level location exclusions

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google Ads has recently made changes to its country-level location exclusion policy, limiting advertisers to excluding a maximum of 120 entities. This new restriction aims to streamline location targeting workflows, with advertisers receiving a warning notification if they attempt to exceed this limit.

The issue was brought to light by PPC Sauce, a Google Ads marketing agency, who shared a screenshot of the warning notification on Twitter. Google Ads Liaison Officer Ginny Marvin confirmed the change, stating that advertisers will see the notification when trying to add more than approximately 120 country-level location exclusions. Marvin emphasized the importance of using positive geographic targeting and reassured advertisers that there is no need to exclude areas they have not already targeted, as ads will not be shown in those locations unless explicitly targeted.

While some advertisers may be concerned about losing control over limiting locations where their ads should not appear, Google’s guidelines underscore the significance of excluding certain locations for campaign success. Advertisers can still effectively target specific locations by utilizing positive geographic targeting techniques. For more detailed information on excluding ads from geographic locations, Google provides a comprehensive guide for reference.

Overall, these changes in Google Ads’ location exclusion policy are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of advertisers’ location targeting strategies. By adhering to the new limit of 120 entities for country-level location exclusions and focusing on positive targeting, advertisers can continue to reach their desired audiences effectively while maintaining campaign success.

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