Google Ads rolls out extra help for business operation verification

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google Ads is set to release a guide to help marketers complete business operation verification. This guide will provide insight into why businesses may fail these verifications, as well as examples of scenarios in which an advertiser might be selected for business operations verification as part of Google’s advertiser verification program. The release of the guide is expected sometime this month, with the exact date yet to be confirmed.

The significance of this guide is to simplify the business operation verification process, outlining potential reasons for failure so that users can identify and address issues for successful resolution. To access the guide, users can click on the “Billing icon” and choose “Advertiser verification.” In addition, the guide will be available through in-account prompts for easy accessibility.

For those wondering if they need to go through the business operations verification process, specific steps can be checked under “Your status” on the page. If these steps are present, it indicates that verification is required. By clicking on “Get Started” next to the relevant step, users can proceed to fill out the application form to complete the business operations verification process.

Google spokespersons have stated that this update was designed to provide additional information to advertisers, with no changes to the enforcement scope of the advertiser verification program.

Business operation verification is a step in Google Ads’ advertiser verification program, aimed at ensuring a secure ad experience for users by proving that an advertiser is a legitimate business. To establish verification, advertisers may be asked to confirm various information, including their business model, business registration, product/service offerings, business practices, and relationships with advertised brands or third parties, if applicable. Once the necessary information is provided, Google will verify the business operations, after which a disclosure featuring the name and location of the business may be displayed and linked from any ads the business runs.

Overall, the guide is expected to be valuable in simplifying and clarifying the business operations verification process for advertisers using Google Ads, and will offer support in addressing any issues that may arise during verification. For more information, Google’s full announcement can be found.

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