Google Ads suspension threats for non-compliant consent banners

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google Ads has issued a warning to marketers in the European Union regarding non-compliant GDPR Consent Banners on their websites and apps. The platform has emphasized the importance of addressing any violations promptly, as failure to do so could result in disruptions to advertising campaigns. The warning was first brought to attention by Thomas Eccel, a Senior Performance Marketing Manager and Google Ads expert, who shared a screenshot of the warning on Twitter.

According to the EU User Consent Policy, marketers using Google Ads are required to obtain consent from end users in the EU and UK for the use of cookies or other local storage, as well as the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for ad personalization. Additionally, marketers must clearly identify all parties that may collect, receive, or use end users’ personal data due to their use of Google products. The policy also mandates that end users have easy access to clear and prominent information about how the identified parties intend to use their personal data.

The warning notifications from Google Ads began after the announcement that advertisers seeking to serve personalized ads to consumers in the EEA must take immediate action to prevent campaign performance issues. This includes sending verifiable consent signals to Google as the search engine prepares to enforce its EU User Consent Policy more strictly.

In the event that Google Ads detects a violation on a website or app, the account owner will be notified via email, and a deadline will be set for resolving the issue. Subsequent monitoring of the account will determine if the violation has been rectified. Failure to do so may result in account suspension.

To address these urgent guidelines outlined by Google, marketers should refer to the detailed instructions on implementing consent mode for their websites or apps. It is crucial for marketers running ads in the EU to comply with these guidelines in order to avoid disruptions to their ad campaigns.

Overall, the warning issued by Google Ads serves as a reminder to marketers in the EU of the importance of complying with the EU User Consent Policy. By promptly addressing any violations and ensuring that their websites and apps are GDPR compliant, marketers can avoid potential disruptions to their advertising campaigns.

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