Google Analytics 4 audiences are rolled out on Google Ads

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

The latest update from Google allows marketers to create and apply Google Analytics 4 audiences directly within Google Ads. This new capability enables marketers to build Analytics audiences, including predictive audiences, using the Audience Manager feature and during the campaign creation process. This update provides marketers with better insight into their audience, enabling them to make smarter decisions, tailor their efforts to connect with their audience, and optimize their strategies for better performance in Google Ads.

A predictive audience is a group defined by at least one condition related to a predictive metric. For example, an audience named ‘likely 7-day purchasers’ consists of users predicted to make a purchase in the next 7 days. Additionally, Google announced the rollout of additional dimensions across GA4, including the audience builder, segment builder, custom reports builder, and Data API. These new dimensions allow users to measure and activate using both pre-defined and custom item-scoped dimensions.

Pre-defined dimensions, such as “age”, “country”, and “browser”, are readily available for use and do not require additional code for data collection. On the other hand, custom dimensions allow for tracking and reporting on specific details about users and their interactions with a website or app, providing valuable data for analysis not available through predefined dimensions and metrics.

Google has also added item-scoped custom dimensions to GA4’s audience builder, segment builder, custom reports builder, and Data API. Item-scoped dimensions are descriptive texts specifically about a product or service sold on an online store. Google has added various predefined item-scoped dimensions to the segment builder and audience builder on GA4, such as Item ID, Item name, Item brand, Item variant, Item affiliation, Item category, Item category 2, Item category 3, Item category 4, Item category 5, Item promotion name, Item promotion creative slot, Item promotion creative name, Item list ID, Item list name, Item list position, and Item location ID.

In conclusion, the integration of Google Analytics 4 audiences directly within Google Ads provides marketers with new capabilities that enhance their understanding of their audience and enable them to optimize their advertising strategies. With the addition of predictive audiences and new dimensions, marketers can make more informed decisions and target their audience more effectively in Google Ads. For more detailed information on creating audiences and best practices for GA4, users can refer to Search Engine Land’s complete GA4 guide.

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