Google Analytics 4 rolls out new reports for linked 360 campaigns

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, google analytics, Paid social, PPC

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is set to introduce three new reports that will allow users to seamlessly analyze data from their integrated 360 ad platforms. The reports are designed to provide insights into the effectiveness of Campaign Manager 360 (CM360), Display & Video 360 (DV360), and Search Ads 360 (SA360) campaigns in driving traffic and conversions to websites or apps.

CM360 is an online tool for advertisers and agencies that offers features for ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting. DV360, on the other hand, helps marketers run digital advertising campaigns by facilitating the creation of ads, management of audience data, purchasing inventory, and optimizing campaigns effectively. SA360 is a search management platform designed to assist agencies and marketers in efficiently managing extensive search marketing campaigns globally, spanning across multiple search engines and media channels.

The centralized reports not only save time for marketers but also simplify their tasks by providing critical information for understanding campaign influence on website traffic and conversions. This data empowers marketers to make well-informed decisions about optimization for optimal campaign performance.

After successfully integrating the 360 ad platforms, users can access the new GA4 reports by choosing the specific integration summary card in the Acquisition overview report. Additionally, Google has introduced new traffic source dimensions for the acquisition reports, such as source, session source, and first user source, which are accessible when linked with CM360, DV360, or SA360.

Furthermore, the update allows users to leverage integration-specific dimensions like SA360 source, SA360 session source, and SA360 first user source to examine acquisition data for a specific buying platform, providing better insights into traffic sources.

In addition to the new reports and dimensions, GA4 is also integrating AdSense accounts within Analytics, allowing users to link GA4 properties with AdSense accounts directly. If users are using GA4 subproperties or roll-up properties, they can establish links between those properties and AdSense accounts, separate from the source properties.

Overall, the introduction of these new reports and features in GA4 signifies a significant advancement in providing marketers with critical insights into the effectiveness of their digital advertising campaigns. The integration of traffic source dimensions and AdSense accounts within Analytics further enhances the capabilities of the platform to provide comprehensive data and reporting functionalities. For more detailed information on integration and the benefits of linking GA4 properties to Search Ads 360 advertisers, users can refer to Google’s Search Ads 360 integration guide.

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