Google Bard can now answer questions about YouTube videos

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Paid social, PPC, YouTube

In a recent update, Google Bard has been equipped with the ability to answer questions and provide summaries regarding the content of YouTube videos. This development is anticipated to not only enhance user experience but also bring about higher engagement for content creators. By making video content more accessible, it may also influence users to subscribe to YouTube channels or make purchases.

To get started and integrate Bard with YouTube, users need to activate the YouTube extension toggle on the Bard website. With this option enabled, users can initiate a conversation with Bard by posing questions related to a specific video. For example, asking for a Thanksgiving turkey recipe will prompt Bard to present a collection of approximately five relevant videos from YouTube. Users can then request details about a specific video, and Bard will provide a text summary, including a breakdown of ingredients and methods.

Furthermore, Bard can answer more detailed questions relating to the video, such as describing the video’s tone or style, cooking time, serving size, target audience, and viewer engagement. According to Forbes, these new YouTube capabilities have been made available to all users, suggesting that it has transitioned from the testing phase to general availability. However, it’s worth noting that the YouTube feature, along with other extensions within Bard, is currently exclusive to Gmail (personal) accounts.

This update on Bard’s capabilities underscores its potential to revolutionize the way users interact with and consume video content on YouTube. With the ability to provide comprehensive summaries and detailed information about specific videos, Bard is set to elevate the accessibility and user engagement of YouTube content.

The integration of Google Bard with YouTube undoubtedly presents new opportunities for content creators and users alike. By providing users with an easy and efficient way to access and engage with video content, Bard’s YouTube capabilities are poised to make a significant impact on the way users utilize and interact with YouTube, making video content more accessible, engaging, and valuable to users.

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