Google investigating ‘brutal’ LSA tactic killing leads for businesses

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

The article discusses a concerning tactic used on Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) that could potentially sabotage competitors. The issue arises when multiple LSAs are linked to a Google Business Profile (GBP), causing the ad to become invisible and impeding the generation of leads. Competitors can exploit this loophole by deliberately linking an LSA to a rival’s GBP without their knowledge, effectively hindering their ad from reaching consumers.

The impact of this tactic has been observed by various business owners who have reported a sudden drop in leads and spam through their GBP. One such business owner shared their experience on the Google Business Profile forum, describing how their leads ceased overnight and expressed frustration at being unable to unlink the unknown LSA account from their GBP.

Ben Fisher, Co-Founder/Lead Consultant at Steady Demand, also weighed in on the issue, labeling it as a “brutal tactic” and bringing attention to the severity of the problem. He urged Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin to investigate the loophole, emphasizing the detrimental effects it has on competitors.

In response to the flagged issue, Ginny Marvin confirmed that Google was looking into the matter, acknowledging the seriousness of the problem and the need for prompt action.

The article advises businesses that experience a sudden decline in leads to consult with their Google support representative to identify whether their GBP is affected by this LSA tactic. It also directs readers to the Google Business Profiles forum for a detailed discussion of the issue.

The significance of this article lies in its revelation of a potentially damaging exploit used by competitors in the digital advertising space. The tactic not only disrupts the competitiveness of businesses but also highlights the vulnerability of GBP and LSAs to misuse. As a result, it underscores the importance of constant vigilance and oversight in digital marketing strategies, as well as the need for platforms like Google to proactively address and rectify such loopholes that can have far-reaching consequences for businesses.

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