Google is evaluating additional PMax brand safety controls

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

The article discusses Google’s response to a report by Adalytics accusing the search engine of serving ads on inappropriate non-Google websites through the Search Partner Network (SPN). Google initially denied the accusations but later began giving advertisers the option to opt out of the SPN. This temporary measure is set to end on March 1, 2024, prompting Google Ads liaison officer Ginny Marvin to confirm that new brand safety controls are being considered.

The article highlights the concerns of advertisers, as they want reassurance that their ads will not appear alongside inappropriate content that could harm their brand’s reputation. Additionally, the article includes statements from Ginny Marvin and Dan Taylor of Google, where Marvin discusses the temporary opt-out option for the SPN and the team’s evaluation of additional controls, while Taylor denies Adalytics’ allegations.

While Google is exploring new brand safety controls, the article also provides information about existing brand safety controls available to advertisers. These include tools to manage the types of content Performance Max (PMax) ads can be displayed alongside in Search, Shopping, Display, and Video inventory.

The article also delves into the findings of Adalytics, which reported that ad buyers found their ads appearing on compromising websites within the SPN, including sites containing pirated content, hardcore pornographic sites, and websites of companies located in countries under sanctions by the US government. On the other hand, Google’s Vice President of Global Ads dismissed these allegations, stating that Adalytics has a record of publishing inaccurate reports.

In closing, the article encourages readers to explore brand safety tips for YouTube and Google advertisers to protect their brands. It concludes with a link to subscribe to the daily newsletter for search marketers.

Overall, the article provides comprehensive insights into Google’s actions in response to the accusations made by Adalytics, the concerns of advertisers, and the existing and potential brand safety controls available to advertisers.

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