Google on maximizing PMax results and preparing for SGE

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

The article delves into the recent advancements in AI with a focus on two significant developments, Performance Max (PMax) and Search Generative Experience (SGE), and their potential impact on digital search marketing. PMax is a campaign type that allows advertisers to run ads across all of Google’s networks within a single campaign, while SGE is an AI-generated answer to a search query that appears above Google’s search results. In an exclusive interview with Search Engine Land, Susie Vowinkel, Managing Director at Google Travel, provides insights into what advertisers can anticipate from these products as we move into 2024 and addresses concerns about transitioning from manual to automated marketing strategies.

Vowinkel highlights the strong adoption of PMax since its launch and emphasizes the need for advertisers to shift away from manual methods. She stresses that PMax utilizes assets and information to reach consumers effectively and efficiently, taking the guesswork out of understanding shifting seasonal behaviors. The article presents a case study of how global airline Lufthansa achieved significant growth targets by utilizing PMax, showcasing increased customer acquisition and bookings, as well as a reduced cost per action.

While PMax campaigns offer automation and efficiency, concerns about the level of control handed over to AI have surfaced. Vowinkel explains that PMax was designed to reduce the need for manual control and empower advertisers to understand and reach their target audience effectively. Despite the growing popularity of PMax, Vowinkel acknowledges common pitfalls and advises advertisers to set strong goals, incorporate a wide array of visuals and assets, and use relevant audience lists to maximize PMax’s effectiveness.

Looking ahead to 2024, Google aims to enhance the PMax product based on feedback from marketers, focusing on improving the quality of inputs to drive more effective outputs. In addition to PMax, the article also addresses the anticipated arrival of SGE and its potential impact on the ad environment. Vowinkel encourages advertisers to experiment with AI solutions, recognizing the excitement surrounding the developments.

In conclusion, while detailed information about the exact impact of SGE on advertising is not yet available, Vowinkel emphasizes the need for advertisers to be excited about the future, as Google continues to bring new experiences and develop a better understanding of inputs. The article provides additional resources for optimizing PMax campaigns and preparing for Google’s SGE.

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