Google to review disapproved ad issues following policy update

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google has recently updated its ad policy for personalized ads, placing tighter restrictions on consumer financial products and services. However, the enforcement of this policy has resulted in complaints from marketers, who argue that it has caused issues for advertisers outside the consumer finance sector. This has caused confusion for advertisers facing disapproval or limitations on their Google Ads campaigns as a result of the update, as it may not necessarily be due to a violation of Google’s policies, but rather the company’s own processes.

The updated policy, which changes the name from “Credit in personalized ads” to “Consumer finance in personalized ads,” prohibits the targeting of certain sensitive interest categories based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code in the United States and Canada. PPC expert Greg Kohler shared a screenshot of his account after a number of ads were disapproved or limited due to the update, citing Google’s automated checks as the reason for the difficulties his campaigns were facing. One campaign was even flagged for including the term “apartments” in the keyword group, which Greg claimed to be too overarching when first applied.

Google Ads liaison officer Ginny Marvin has acknowledged these complaints and expressed gratitude for bringing them to their attention. She has confirmed her intention to privately message Greg for additional details and indicated that the matter would be investigated further.

As a result of these complaints, Google is reviewing the policy update and its implications for advertisers. Search Engine Land will continue to provide updates on any future developments from Google regarding this issue.

For more information on the updated personalized ads policy and how it will restrict consumer finance ad targeting moving forward, readers are encouraged to read Search Engine Land’s report for a comprehensive deep dive into the matter.

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