Google unveils major Responsive Search Ad asset updates

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google has announced significant updates to the management and creation of Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). These updates include the ability to display a single headline, associating up to three headlines and two descriptions at the campaign level, and the implementation of account-level automated assets. The use of AI technology by Google allows for the prediction of which capabilities can enhance campaign performance, thus determining the most suitable approach for ad creation.

The integration of Google’s AI technology into campaign strategies has the potential to improve engagement and drive performance. However, it is important to note that this means giving more control over to Google. Additionally, while AI is powerful, it is not always 100% accurate, leaving room for potential errors in predicting campaign performance.

With the headline update, RSAs have the capability to display a single headline when it is predicted to improve performance, and headlines can also appear at the beginning of description lines. Advertisers have the option to pin assets to specific positions, and the frequency of headlines or their placement can be assessed through the combinations report.

At the campaign level, advertisers can associate up to three headlines and two descriptions, with the flexibility to pin them to specific positions. This update also allows for the scheduling of start and end dates for time-sensitive promotions, making the assets eligible to appear in every responsive search ad within the campaign.

Furthermore, account-level automated assets give advertisers the option to leverage Google AI to create dynamic images, sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets. Google AI-generated assets will replace manually created assets of the same type when they are predicted to enhance performance, marking a shift from the previous approach where manually created assets always took precedence.

According to a Google spokesperson, these updates are designed to increase the effectiveness of RSAs and will be reflected in an advertiser’s combinations report. The pinning mechanism will continue to be available for advertisers.

For more information on search ad best practices, advertisers can refer to Google’s guidelines. Overall, the updates announced by Google aim to enhance the effectiveness of RSAs through the integration of AI technology, providing advertisers with more options and opportunities to improve campaign performance.

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