Google updates Gmail ads with new layout and ‘Sponsored’ label

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google has recently announced that it is rolling out the “Sponsored” label to Gmail ads on mobile devices worldwide, with the exception of European Union countries. Moreover, the layout of Gmail ads has been updated, shifting the Sponsored label to appear alongside the brand name in the title, as opposed to its previous placement below on the second line. This subtle modification indicates a change in user experience and ad labeling for mobile users.

The move to include the Sponsored label aligns with Google’s efforts to create a consistent ad labeling approach across its platforms. This initiative follows the introduction of the Sponsored label to search ads in 2022, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing transparency and ensuring that users can easily differentiate between advertisements and organic content.

One potentially significant impact of these changes is on click-through rates for ads. Advertisers are advised to pay attention to the timing of this update and monitor their campaign performance to determine whether there are any notable shifts in the number of clicks over time.

It is important to note that these changes apply exclusively to consumer Gmail accounts on mobile, as ads do not appear in paid Gmail accounts. Ads are typically displayed within the Promotions tab of consumer accounts, where both paid ads and organic offers from brands are featured.

Google has indicated that the updated placement of the Sponsored label before the advertiser’s name on mobile devices aims to help users distinguish between ads and organic promotional messages more easily. Ultimately, this alteration serves to improve user experience by clearly differentiating between sponsored content and other forms of communication.

Finally, for a more in-depth understanding of Gmail ads and strategies for building brand awareness among potential customers, individuals can refer to the Gmail ads guide provided by Google. This resource offers valuable insights and tips for maximizing the effectiveness of advertising within Gmail.

Overall, Google’s introduction of the Sponsored label to Gmail ads, along with layout updates, underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing transparency and user experience, while also providing advertisers with valuable insights into the performance of their ad campaigns.

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