Google will issue advertisers credit refunds after overcharging error

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Ads, Paid social, PPC

Google has announced that it will be issuing credit refunds to advertisers who were overcharged due to a technical glitch affecting a small number of campaigns within Display and Video 360 that ran from July through December of last year. Advertisers who were affected by the glitch have been notified via email and are advised to contact Google to start the credit refund process. Google sent emails to affected advertisers, informing them of the overcharges caused by the technical glitch and has assured that the issue has been resolved. The tech giant plans to compensate advertisers for the overcharges by issuing credits and has advised affected advertisers to contact their sales teams for more information.

A spokesperson for Google explained that the bug resulted in a limited number of partners being overcharged for a small number of impressions on Display & Video 360, and these overcharges were minor. The issue was resolved in December 2023, and impacted advertisers have been notified that credits for the overcharged amount have been issued to them. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has also issued an apology to advertisers after an Ads Delivery outage that resulted in campaigns overspending by thousands. Refunds from Meta are expected to take four to six weeks to process.

It is essential for affected advertisers to contact Google to initiate the credit refund process if their campaigns were impacted by the technical glitch. Both Google and Meta are working to resolve the overcharges and ensure that affected advertisers are compensated for the issues caused by the technical glitches. Additionally, advertisers should stay informed about the issue and any further developments or updates regarding the credit refunds.

In conclusion, Google and Meta are taking steps to address the overcharges caused by technical glitches affecting certain campaigns. The companies have issued apologies to affected advertisers and are working to issue credit refunds to compensate for the overcharges. Advertisers who have been affected by the glitches should contact Google or Meta for additional information about the credit refund process and stay updated with any further announcements.

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