LinkedIn to sunset lookalike audiences

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Digital Marketing, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Paid social, PPC

LinkedIn has announced that it will be discontinuing lookalike audiences on February 29th. This change will impact advertisers who will no longer be able to create new lookalike audiences or edit existing ones. Lookalike audiences allowed ads to reach new individuals who shared similar characteristics with a business’s existing customers.

Advertisers are advised to explore alternative options to connect with similar audiences and pinpoint potential buyers who are most likely to take action. Some of these alternatives include predictive audiences for contact list, conversion, or Lead Gen Form data sources, as well as audience expansion for Matched Audiences and LinkedIn attribute targeting based on skills or interests.

For existing ad campaigns using lookalike audiences on LinkedIn, advertisers will need to shift to predictive audiences or activate audience expansion to maintain a dynamic targeting strategy. LinkedIn has provided a 30-day grace period during which unused lookalike audiences can still be accessed before being archived. Moreover, LinkedIn’s API for creating lookalike audiences through third-party marketing platforms will no longer be available, prompting marketers to explore alternative options.

In light of these changes, it is essential for advertisers to modify their audience targeting strategy before March. The discontinuation of lookalike audiences on LinkedIn will require a shift towards alternative audience targeting options for a more effective and targeted advertising approach.

This change is significant for marketers who have relied on lookalike audiences for their ad campaigns. It will necessitate the implementation of new strategies and alternatives to ensure that their ads continue to reach the right audience and generate the desired results.

For more details and information about the discontinuation of lookalike audiences on LinkedIn, it is advisable to read LinkedIn’s announcement in full. This will provide a clearer understanding of the changes and the alternative options available for ad targeting on the platform.

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