Meta advertisers can avoid 30% Apple charge for boosted posts

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Paid social, PPC

Meta is offering small businesses a new way to boost posts without having to pay a 30% service charge to Apple. This new solution will be available to advertisers on Facebook and Instagram starting later this month. It allows businesses to access all the features available in the iOS apps for boosting content without incurring the charge imposed by Apple. This is a significant development for small businesses, as it allows them to save money when promoting their content on these platforms.

The 30% service charge by Apple has been a concern for advertisers using the Facebook or Instagram iOS apps to boost posts. This charge is applied to the total ad payment, excluding taxes, and goes directly to Apple, not Meta. With the new payment process, businesses will now have the option to pay in advance by adding prepaid funds to their accounts. If the funds are added from payment settings on desktop or mobile browsers, advertisers can use them without incurring fees, including for boosting content through the iOS apps.

Initially, the new payment process and Apple service charge will be launched in the US, with additional markets subject to the fee later this year. However, advertisers globally can avoid the Apple service charge by boosting content directly from the or websites.

In response to these changes, Meta has stated that it is committed to offering businesses flexible and convenient options to help them navigate the new payment process and maximize the results of their advertising spend. The company emphasized that it does not want to remove the ability to boost posts, as this would negatively impact small businesses by making the feature less discoverable. Meta has also invested in alternative ways to boost posts, in line with their commitment to supporting businesses in utilizing their advertising tools effectively.

Overall, this new offering by Meta presents an opportunity for small businesses to promote their content on Facebook and Instagram without incurring the 30% service charge imposed by Apple. This solution not only saves money for advertisers but also ensures that the feature remains accessible and valuable for businesses looking to promote their products or services. As the new payment process is rolled out, businesses can take advantage of this option to boost their posts and achieve their advertising objectives without the added financial burden of the Apple service charge.

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