Meta boosts EU data privacy measures amid targeted ad concerns

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Paid social, PPC

Meta is making changes to its data privacy measures in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland in order to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Facebook and Instagram users in these regions will soon receive notifications prompting them to choose how their information is shared between Meta services.

The impact of these changes is significant, as it could have a substantial effect on the effectiveness of targeted advertising on Meta platforms. Users will now have the option to decide whether their Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected and share data, whether their Facebook and Messenger accounts are connected and share data, and whether the Marketplace and gaming experiences can access their Facebook information.

In addition, users in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland will have the option to access Instagram and Facebook for free with ads or subscribe to eliminate ads. If users choose the subscription option, their information will not be utilized for advertising purposes.

These changes come in response to concerns over data privacy, particularly after a report by Consumer Reports found that Facebook was actively sharing data about every single user with thousands of brands. This focus on data privacy is in line with the new legislation, the DMA, which is designed to ensure that large online platforms, known as “gatekeepers,” behave in a fair way online to create a fair and open environment for online businesses. The DMA will come into effect in March.

For more information on these changes, users can refer to Meta’s full announcement. This move by Meta demonstrates a commitment to addressing data privacy concerns and complying with new legislative measures, which will ultimately impact the way users interact with and share data across Meta’s platforms.

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