Meta updates tools to boost brand safety on Facebook & Instagram

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Paid social, PPC

Meta is making significant improvements to its tools and platforms to enhance the protection of intellectual property (IP) for brands. This includes updates to the Brand Rights Protection Manager platform, the introduction of a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center, and the creation of a “Protecting Businesses” section on the Meta for Business website. These updates aim to combat counterfeit scams on Facebook, providing a safer space for brands to advertise and for consumers to shop.

Brand Rights Protection is a tool designed to help businesses safeguard their brand and customers against counterfeit products on Meta platforms. The new updates to this platform include a Brand Rights Tracking Tool that utilizes AI for higher-quality counterfeit detection, an increased reference image limit, and expanded control features for copyright holders.

Businesses looking to apply for Brand Rights Protection must meet specific eligibility requirements such as owning a registered trademark, having no history of intellectual property violations, and being an employee of the brand or business. Additionally, Meta is introducing a new IP Reporting Center where brands can submit violation reports and track reporting history for their entire business.

The new “Protecting Businesses” section on the Meta for Business website will provide resources and guides to help businesses develop a brand protection strategy and mitigate the impact of brand misuse. Meta aims to further assist businesses in managing their presence, reporting misuse, and reducing the impact of intellectual property infringement, brand misrepresentation, and scams.

Meta’s commitment to enhancing brand protection was emphasized by a spokesperson who stated, “Our goal is to ensure businesses and rights holders can grow their brands, while controlling how their content is used.”

These updates reflect Meta’s dedication to combating counterfeit scams and protecting the intellectual property of businesses on its platforms. With the integration of AI technology and streamlined reporting tools, Meta is prioritizing the safety and integrity of brands and their customers in the digital space. For a comprehensive understanding of these updates, readers are encouraged to read Meta’s full announcement.

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