Microsoft rolls out new AI tool that generates instant banner ads

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Advertising, Digital Marketing, Microsoft, Paid social, PPC

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new AI-powered solution called Retail Media Creative Studio, which can automatically generate banner ads in a matter of seconds. This solution is set to be available in preview within the Microsoft retail media platform later this month.

The new solution promises to streamline the collaboration between creative and media teams by minimizing editing tasks and freeing up time for strategic activities such as audience analysis to enhance optimization effectiveness.

Retail Media Creative Studio works by allowing advertisers to generate banner ad creatives simply by inputting a product’s URL. The generative AI tools ensure that these creatives adhere to each retailer’s style guide, minimizing the need for manual resizing or frequent adjustments.

The platform also includes a review process that ensures retailers have the final say before ads go live. It also facilitates joint reviews and approvals by various company departments, leading to faster campaign launches.

Once the banner ad campaign is live, Microsoft Retail Media uses AI algorithms for in-flight optimization, selecting the most effective banner creative based on key metrics like click-through rates and sales conversions. This process eliminates the need for time-consuming A/B testing and can potentially increase revenue.

The highlights of Retail Media Creative Studio include the ability to transform a simple product photo into a lifestyle image, generate tailor-made headline options, and modify all banner elements from imagery to headlines.

Lynne Kjolso, VP of Global Partner and Retail Media at Microsoft Advertising, expressed the company’s goal to harness the power of generative AI to transform retail business across personalization, efficiency, and monetization. The aim is to deliver a more personalized shopping experience for retailers’ consumers and ultimately improve campaign performance and program revenue.

In conclusion, the launch of Retail Media Creative Studio by Microsoft is set to revolutionize the way advertisers create and optimize banner ads, offering a more efficient and automated solution that has the potential to improve campaign performance and revenue generation for retailers.

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