YouTube launches free subscription offer to boost channel growth

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Paid social, PPC, YouTube

YouTube creators now have the opportunity to give away 10 free subscriptions each month through a new program aimed at promoting audience growth. The creators who are eligible for this program and have channel memberships can utilize this benefit without any additional fees to help promote the perks of their memberships.

This initiative is designed to provide viewers with a glimpse of the benefits offered by subscribing to a channel. Once viewers recognize the value of the perks, there is potential for them to upgrade to full-paying members, ultimately contributing to increased revenue and brand awareness.

To ensure eligibility for this promotion, creators must have channel memberships enabled on their channel and offer a membership tier below $5. The process of giving away the complimentary memberships during a live stream or Premiere involves clicking the “$” icon within the live chat, selecting “Membership gifting,” and then clicking “Gift 5 Now.” Creators can give out gift memberships in batches of 5, twice a month, and any unused gifts reset on the 1st of each month.

It is important to note that free gift memberships are not available for Brand Accounts at this time, but YouTube has confirmed that it will be available soon. Creators can check if they are using a Brand account by signing into their Google account and looking under “Your Brand Accounts” to locate their linked Brand Accounts.

Currently, creators cannot individually select who benefits from free subscriptions, but YouTube has indicated that this may change in the future. The free gift memberships are currently distributed to viewers based on how much they have watched and interacted with the channel.

Creators who are interested in more information on promotional gift memberships can refer to Google’s ‘manage channel memberships‘ guide for a more in-depth understanding of the program and its benefits.

In summary, YouTube creators now have the opportunity to give away free subscriptions to viewers in an effort to promote the perks of their channel memberships and ultimately drive audience growth and brand awareness.

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