Microsoft Ads is changing hotel and property ad management

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Advertising, Bing, Digital Marketing, Microsoft, Paid social, PPC

Microsoft Advertising is making changes to simplify the setup and management of Hotel Price ads and Property Promotion ads. As of February 6, the platform will no longer support the creation of subaccounts and bid management in the Hotel Center, and lodging solutions will be managed exclusively through Lodging Campaigns. However, advertisers can still use Hotel Center for feed management tasks.

It is crucial for advertisers to understand how Lodging Campaigns work, as they will be the only option for managing Hotel Price ads and Property Promotion ads in the future. To avoid disruptions, Microsoft recommends following specific steps for a seamless transition by February 6, such as recreating existing Hotel Center subaccounts as lodging campaigns and updating URL tracking at the account/campaign level.

Hotel Price ads allow advertisers to feature their hotels on, while Property Promotion ads are visual, top-positioned ads on Bing Maps’ hotel grid, triggered by location or amenity searches. Microsoft is excited about the possibilities that Lodging Campaigns offer, including cross-platform parity, new ad distribution options, new targeting opportunities, and more control.

Advertisers interested in participating in the Microsoft Advertising Lodging Solution pilot initiative should fill in an enrollment form to determine eligibility and begin the enrollment process.

In conclusion, Microsoft Advertising is implementing changes to streamline the management of Hotel Price ads and Property Promotion ads. Advertisers should familiarize themselves with the new Lodging Campaigns and follow the recommended steps for a smooth transition. These changes are aimed at enhancing the visibility of advertisers’ offerings and expanding their outreach to a broader audience of travelers. Interested advertisers can enroll in the Microsoft Advertising Lodging Solution pilot initiative to take advantage of these changes. For a more in-depth understanding of Lodging Campaigns, Microsoft Advertising provides a help guide for further information.

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